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Natural Massage Oils

Massage is the application of pressure, weight, motion as well as pulsation in order to achieve physical and psychological objectives. It targets the muscles, skin, joints, and connective tissues. For massage to be effective, the utilization of natural massage oils is sought. These oils serve as a good lubricant for the skin. In addition, they improve the quality if massages as they help the massage therapist in relieving tensed and taut muscles.

Lavender essential oil is an excellent kind of essential oil combined with carrier oils and lotions to be used in massages. Not only does it leave the skin supple and silky, its clean fragrance promotes feelings of restfulness. Its aroma alleviates tension and relieves pains and aches. Other oils commonly used in massages include, coconut oil, pecan oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, and sunflower oil.

These assorted oils have elements and vitamins that nurture the skin and support general health. For those who have sensitive skins that require hypoallergenic products or massage oils without traces of nut oil, many are available in the market. An example could be jojoba, an element acting as humectant as well as a protective coat over the skin that is considered a great ingredient of massage oil.

Though various massage products are present in the market today, not all of them are fine for use for one’s skin. Several massage oils includes mineral oil in their component which make them not an excellent choice as massage oil for use. Even though mineral oils can act as a good lubricant and is valued for its long shelf life, the fact that it is not natural, meaning it is synthetic or artificial, makes it terrible for the skin. This is due to the fact, too, that mineral oils produce a thin coat over the skin that can blocks or obstructs the pores. This can be very damaging for the skin if applied chronically because the skin might become dependent on this oil for it to stay moisturized.

However, other products like vegetable oils are good for nourishing one’s skin and are said to be absorbed more quickly than mineral oils. They help trigger the skin to work better and enhance new cell growth. They also make the skin softer and preserve its own moisture much efficiently. Moreover, the use of pure and natural massage oils as well as lotion products is greatly recommended for its greater absorption into the skin.

Lavender oil can also be an excellent tonic for the nerves. Hence, lavender massages are indicated for those who feel depressed, anxious, stressed and insomniac. Massages using natural lavender oil can also be used to relieve different kinds of pain including sore muscles, sprains, backache, headache, and rheumatism.

Apart from its soothing effects as a natural massage oils, lavender essential oil is also used in the produce of commercial perfumes, soaps, lotions, and shampoos. It is recommended, though, that one must consult a herb specialist before using lavender oil externally as a massage oil. For lavender essential massage oils might give rise to allergic reactions for those people who have quite sensitive skins.