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Why your choice of cosmetics is crucial to your life and the world! Your choices are much more important than you may think!


Did you know that when you take decisions on your cosmetic purchases you may be affecting 100’s of thousands of people? When you decide not to buy something that’s  in a box and  teach your kids, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors to do the same, you are reaching out to at least 20 people times the number you have directly reached! This number keeps growing for years exponentially and the result is you saved a forest of trees! Even if only a fraction of these people take small decisions throughout their lifetime. When you are careful not to use products which contain what is believed to be hormonal disruptors such as parabens ( a cosmetic preservative) and phtalates (in most artificial fragrances) you are not only contributing to lessen the chemical footprint on the world but in the long run may be saving lives! Woman have tremendous power in the United States as they make the decisions on 80% of purchases in a household. It is proven that no amount of legislation is as powerful as market demand. If we become aware of our choices, our families will greatly benefit and it becomes a force for change exponentially around the world. You want your life to have more meaning? Don’t under estimate the everyday small stuff. My grandmother taught me to use Lavender oil for scrapes, cuts and burns. When I was 10 I thought nothing of it. As I grew older and saw the immense value of using natural healing I recognized the spark and effect my grandmother instilled in me. I wish she could see the result of her small but important actions. Now thousands of people have heard and used products I made and are spreading the message to more thousands just because of a simple act my grandmother did when I was a child!


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