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Yes it’s true that by simple very small steps, you can reduce your stress and improve your health by 80%.

One example is if you are unhappy about your health and you keep talking about it everyday and it’s not improving. First small but very important step is to get educated about the problem. Search ways to naturally improve your health with the aid of the internet. Write down simple easy steps to try on a daily basis. Make the steps easy enough so you will actually take action. Don’t look for huge changes that you just don’t have the time right now or will to accomplish. For every small step you take, you will sleep better at night and calm down during the day. Recurring problems with your kids, your husband, your in-laws etc. keep in mind that the stress is caused first by you giving it that kind of importance in your life. Knowing this, you can take small steps and change your actions toward these problems. Stop trying to change the people around you and change the way you act and think with small steps everyday. Catch yourself thinking those negative thoughts and replace them with focus on you going forward in life. After only a few days some people’s lives improve up to 80%. This is what happens; you focus on you and what you can change and that gives you power. When you make even the smallest of actions , your stress level starts going down. You will also notice the complaining you used to do go away drastically. Let me give you a simple example of what happened to me with my crazy dog. We rescued a small miniature pintscher (8lbs) and although I love the dog, she was often driving me crazy. I thought I could not train this animal. So I suffered and she suffered for 3 years. Until one day my son was tired of me complaining about the dog problems (going in the kitchen when I was cooking, pooping on my precious carpet, not coming when we called her…). He went online found the dog whisperer and in one week the dog was becoming completely obedient!!!! I had all these stories that the dog had been traumatized and could not be trained! 3 years of dog stress for nothing!  I realized that I never really took any actions to solve the problem. It could have improved the quality of my life and my family had I at least researched the problem!! My relationship with my dog improved 90% (she still steals your food if she can otherwise it would be 100%) in just one week!

Again, write down what you’re complaining or worrying about everyday and take a small action! Try it out! What do you have to lose? Stress?

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