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1.  Alcohol. Yes girls this is worse than smoking. Causes inflammation and the main cause of your fine lines around your eyes and face! If you drink every weekend and especially binge drink you will look 10 years older by the time you’re 45! Yes you can have a glass of red wine once in a while but beware of this potent wrinkle elixir that causes havoc on a woman’s skin!

2.  Being a vegetarian. Yes we’ve all heard the health benefits and they are real. Unfortunately most vegetarians eat too many carbs and not enough protein. After years of being a vegetarian you may look much older than your age. Protein is what keeps your skin firm. Maybe eat lean meats or fish??!!

3. Sunscreen !! Yes you heard it here! Most dermatologists are not trained enough in biochemistry like General Practioners are not trained in nutrition! Most sunscreens contain dimethicone  (a type of silicone) or mineral oil combined with 10 or 12 other chemicals! These chemicals exposed to the sun produce a variety of skin and health issues! Dimethicone and mineral oil block pores and are a breeding ground for bacteria! Keep your skin clear and use pure butters such as pure organic shea butter or coconut butter for a safer sunblock. I use our Fleurs de France body butter and have no problems. You can also wear a hat! Remember we also need some sun for much needed Vitamin D. As we age, most woman are Vitamin D deficient!

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