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Too much cream is bad? Must read!!!! It’s crucial!

Creams that contain silicones (eg. Dimethicone) or heavy oils clog pores and can cause breakouts and dull skin and worse yet more wrinkles!!! Your skin will never re-balance if you block pores and you will definitely have major problems in the long run. If your cream contains the wrong ingredients, you either get dryer skin or overproduce oils. The worst offender is Dimethicone which is a form of silicone found in most creams even the expensive ones! They feel like they are moisturizing but it’s misleading. Follow these rules on creams for perfect skin:

  1. Use creams which are formulated with lighter oils which contain natural anti-oxidants such as rosehip, jojoba, sesame and grapeseed. If your wrinkles seem to disappear upon first putting on the cream it probably contains ingredients that will block your pores. These fill in the lines (cracks!)and make it appear that they have disappeared! (That’s why you think they are so great! Beware!)
  2. Scrub the dry skin off with a light face scrub and apply the cream immediately after. The cream will penetrate and do it’s job much better. Often wrinkles are just dry skin and will disappear within a few days.
  3. Re-apply, rather than over apply. Soon you will see your skin glowing again. It will re-balance itself. Especially in the evening when your body is detoxing, do not apply too much cream. You will see a major difference in glow in the morning. If you wake up with dull looking skin, you’re probably using too much cream or have a heavy oil or silicone in your cream.

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