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What is best, Rose oil or Rose Geranium oil?

Rose oil has been used for centuries for it’s incredible floral scent. Mainly for perfume and as a relaxing oil. It was discovered long ago that this oil also healed the skin and was overall anti-aging.  However in more recent history, Rose geranium oil especially from France (Pelargonium Graveolens) is now considered just as important for skin care and relaxation. Rose geranium is a smaller flower species than the geraniums we see in North America and is originally native of Africa. Now grown all over the world they are loved for their scent and beauty.

The essential oil of Rose geranium is made from the flower,stems and especially leaves of the plant. It’s very popular for the skin and is well known to tighten the skin and heal wounds. It is probably the best known natural toner.  It is also used for acne and poor circulation. All flower oils including this oil, are and were used for centuries to relieve stress and anxiety; they all have a calming effect. This plant also has a history of being very helpful for hormonal issues.

Both rose and rose geranium oil have become incredibly expensive, however they are worth every penny. They  both  slow down the signs of aging as well as improving overall skin appearance.

We have incorporated French Rose Geranium essential oil in our Face cream (Creme Riche) not just to make it smell divine but also to help the skin stay healthy and young! When you place an order for any of our products, you can request a sample of Creme Riche which is made with French Rose geranium oil!

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