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Why a clay mask is probably the best for your skin!


Clay has been used for a variety of ailments for over 2500 years! It’s no wonder it’s so widely used in Europe even today! French pink clay is considered the best clay to  use as a face mask due to it’s ability to remove all impurities without depleting the skin of it’s natural oils. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s popular for the face, neck and decolte. I grew up using this clay and as yet, have never found a face mask as effective for exfoliating and brightening my skin.

Use the clay mask 2 to 3 times a week and you will see a remarkable difference in your skin for any skin type. Apply and wait 10 to 20 minutes and remove. Most estheticians don’t use clay because when it’s most pure it’s difficult and messy to take off. However, the results are worth the mess. What I love about this clay is that after using it, I put on my moisturizer and my skin just glows. Removing impurities from your skin naturally helps your moisturizer do it’s job and you need much less face cream as time goes on.  It’s also a non abrasive exfoliator.  It’s great for sensitive or mature skin as well. Great for acne and to keep skin clear and bright. Excellent for men and teenagers too!

If you’ve never tried a clay mask, it’s time to try an age old mask that has an incredible track record of giving great results!

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