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Did you know that 99% of lip balms contain petroleum based silicones? Petroleum based products block your pores and make your lips dryer. They make you feel good for a short period of time but contain absolutely nothing to nourish your skin. It’s like eating junk food for your skin!! Your skin needs to breathe and be nourished without any occlusive product.  Did you ever notice that when you use lip balms you need to keep using them more and more. Your lips never get much better except for a fast fix .  The best kept secret for beautiful lips is using 100% natural face oil or your eye cream (if it does not contain dimethicone). Use better quality oils or creams that do not contain cheap silicone (such as dimethicone, mineral oil or vaseline type ingredients).

Did you know that petroleum based products have been linked to hormone imbalances too?  You can look it up online. Some believe that they are also carcinogens. Petroleum goes in my car not my face!!! The reason it’s so widely used in cosmetics is because it is very cheap and gives you a fake sense of relief for dry skin. Again it’s the junk food of the cosmetics industry. Your dry skin will persist forever if you keep using petroleum based products. Another problem is that they attract dirt and are a breeding ground for bacteria. If you have any skin blemishes (including acne) petroleum based products need to be removed from your skin care routine completely!

The solution

Try a natural face oil or eye cream on your lips for 2 to 3 days and you will notice a major improvement . It’s also great around the lip area which ages fast with petroleum products.  Your skin may bounce back and lose a lot of the fine lines around your lips, the sooner you make the switch the better!

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