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4 Skin Care Hacks that will Blow Your Mind

Clean Bed, Clean Face

Keep your bed clean! Changing your pillowcase daily can have a HUGE impact on your face. It can dramatically reduce acne breakouts and build -up of bacteria!

Fruits and Veggies for Dark Circles

A cheap and easy way to remove dark circles under your eyes is to put cold cold avocado! The vitamin K constricts the capillaries which helps remove the dark colors!

Shea Butter Sun Block

By now many people know that sunscreens have an insane amount of chemicals that can harm your skin. Shea butter is an all natural, soothing chemical-free body butter that can protect your skin from sunburns all day at the beach!

Say Goodbye to Dairy

Try to stay away from milk and cheese. Dairy fat can go straight to your face, and can cause serious adult acne. Diet is important for skin care, so avoiding cheese, butter, and yogurt can greatly improve your skin health!


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