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Amazing Benefits Of Rosehip Oil

Roship seed oil has been used for centuries for skin care. We know now why it’s one of the best natural oils for the skin.

1. Proven to be excellent for anti-aging

2. Great for acne prone skin , Roship oil is also antibacterial

3. Brightens skin and avoids pigmentation

4. Contains an incredible amount of omegas and antioxidant vitamins for total skin health

5. Helps heal the skin

6. Absorbs well into the skin and provides incredible quality moisture

The key is to use a wildcrafted pure organic Rosehip oil .

We use this magical oil in our “Creme Riche” and in our “Face Oil”

Avoiding creams with silicones (often listed as dimethicone) and using natural oils, will maintain better looking and healthier skin for life.


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