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Preventing & Diminishing Wrinkles At Any Age

There are habits that can definitely reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate to take years off your face!

  1. There is no safe level of alcohol for your skin. Don’t eat too much sugar or starches (pasta, bread, rice). Yes, that’s right.  Both of these are the worst for your skin. In fact I know of people who reduced their sugar and carb intake and stopped all alcohol, who then looked 10 years younger! Which proved that you can reverse signs of aging.

  2. A good diet and exercise can take up to 20 years off your skin’s age. Exercise oxygenates your skin and improves circulation which in turn nourishes and revives your skin. Cardio is the best! Jogging and sports are the easiest ways to do cardio.  Of course only do this if your health allows you to. A diet rich in antioxidants such as all colors of vegetables is the best to prevent dull discolored skin and age spots. Fruits high in sugar are not recommended. Eat more vegetables than fruits.

  3. Stress can make you look 10 years older! You can combat that with  proper sleep which will renew and detox your skin. Establish a night time routine before bed. Rituals are more important than most of us think. They help us relax and focus. Same for your kids!  Create  pre-sleep habits. It can be relaxing yoga poses, sudoku or reading ( avoid all electornic devices if possible). I was also told by a yoga coach to dim the lights (or reduce lighting) 2hrs before bed and it made a significant difference. Be aware of your environment before bed (TV, Computer, loud music etc). A good night’s sleep can reduce your stress levels by more than 50%!! Surround yourself with people who are calm (if you can!).

  4. Keep your skin hydrated. Dry skin is a big factor in premature aging. Spend less on makeup and spend more on a good cream, oil and serum. If you keep your skin moisturized and healthy you won’t need as much makeup to look great! Use a good quality vitamin C serum as you age. It helps boost collagen and prevent or diminish age spots.


The bottom line is developing good habits as soon as you can. Once it’s a habit it becomes easy to maintain. Start with small steps and write it down. Make it easy for you to exercise, have the right foods in your kitchen and go to bed early. You will notice some wrinkles going away!

The results will amaze you.  Yes, your looks will improve dramatically but you will also have more energy!


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