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Did you ever hear of Castile soap? It could save you $100’s in a year ! It’s a life changer!

Castile soap is a vegan mixture which can be mixed with water and essential oils for scent and better cleaning ( also bio degradable)You can add low cost items such as white vinegar, baking soda or borax to make just about any house cleaning product you are currently buying. It’s so easy it will take […]

Why your choice of cosmetics is crucial to your life and the world! Your choices are much more important than you may think!

  Did you know that when you take decisions on your cosmetic purchases you may be affecting 100’s of thousands of people? When you decide not to buy something that’s  in a box and  teach your kids, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors to do the same, you are reaching out to at least 20 people […]

How does my friend stay slim? You’ll be surprised to hear her first rule! A must read for all woman!

  My friend Elena gets stressed like everyone else maybe more so …she’s got 2 very active teenage boys who recently got their driver’s licence ! she has learned how to slow her life down when life seems to drive her stress levels way up. She is a health coach and explains that it’s normal […]