Specialty tote Bag designed and made near Limoge, France. Created by artist Rolande Dreuilh. This is a 3rd generation tapestry and lace company in France. This bag is so well made that it will last a lifetime!

Exclusive lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia) imported from southern France.


Reminiscent of the mood enhancing spring blossoms in Southern France. Great for your skin and your senses.100% natural. The scent is inspiring, relaxing and uplifting . Formulated in France and Alcohol free.


High altitude essential oil. Known as the best in the world. Available sizes: .5oz;  1oz, 4oz


Back in stock! Soothe your skin with our signature French lavender oil blended with amazing skin rejuvenating wildcrafted oils.


Home Spa Treatment.with blue jojoba oil bubbles for softer skin. 12 oz Shower gel and exfoliator for your skin and your senses.


Hydrate, Tone And Improve Complexion. (4 oz)

Great for "mask acne"! Spray on before putting on your mask.


With Seaweed collagen, Jojoba oil and antioxidant vitamins 8.5oz  


Brightening and skin balancing. For all skin types. Sulfate and paraben free. 3.4 oz


Ultra rich non greasy whipped body butter. With Peptides & intense antioxidants. 9 oz


Moisturize, nourish and renew. With Shea, Seaweed Collagen & intense antioxidants. 2.5 oz


Experience the amazing sensory and skin benefits using the best from nature! Non greasy absorbs deeply. 9oz  


Soothing foot cream to help cool feet and increase circulation. Helps reduce foot odor too!

Bath & Body

Immuni Mist 4oz


Body and Room Spray made with 10 powerful essential oils. These oils are known in folk medicine to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Clean the air naturally. Use to keep your mask fresh and clean!


Lavender Bud Sachets made in the Luberon region in Provence France. Amazing high floral fragrant scent.


Skin friendly with organic Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil. 100% natural. No alcohol no parabens.10ml


Bath & Body

Moisturizer Gift

$82.00 $65.00

Includes a lavender whipped body butter, lavender hand cream and 3 Provence lavender bud sachets. All in a beautiful cotton lavender gift bag!

$60.00 $48.00

Relaxation and focus! Includes Lavender Linen & Room Mist, Provence lavender bud sachets and 1oz pure lavender oil. All in a beautiful cotton lavender gift bag. Carry it to your yoga class!