Fleurs de France’s passion is to create products that will make you look good and feel good about your skin. We combine our traditional family southern French ingredients  with the help of highly experienced Phd chemists with 30 years experience each in natural and ingredient combinations.  One is in France and the other in the USA.  We source natural raw materials like wildcrafted oils which we believe to be better than anything saying “organic”. Organic only guarantees that 70% is organic, so what is the other 30% ? We are always searching for a combination of raw materials that synergistically produce short and long term results for the health your skin.   We create products so you can have glowing skin and go makeup free at any age!  We are paraben, silicone (dimethicone), sulfate  and cruelty free. Made in California, USA


My mother Helene Paquette-Arpin would not allow me to wear make-up. She always insisted that I use good creams on my skin. She would always say, “No amount of money spent on clothes will make you feel beautiful and confident like having beautiful soft skin all over!”

A fan of lavender oil, she used it on scrapes, cuts and burns as we were growing up. Following Southern French tradition,  she would use raw shea butter and lavender oil for almost every skin issue. She sometimes added more pure plant oils too.

My son as a baby had peeling skin on his feet. After a week I went to the doctor who prescribed a cortisone cream.

Refusing to use cortisone for a child, I called my mother and she immediately sent me French lavender oil which I mixed in a cream and applied to his tiny feet. In 2 days his skin was back to normal. That’s when I understood the value of this essential oil and decided to make cosmetics. My mother was my greatest inspiration for creating this company!

Joanne Arpin
Creator and founder of Fleurs de France

.The most famous French Chef in the world, Paul Bocuse (known for nouvelle cuisine and his world famous restaurants) stressed the importance of ” fresh ingredients of the highest quality.” In the French tradition, we believe that sourcing the best ingredients is key to making great cosmetics. Understanding how quality ingredients complement and work well together is making the ultimate formula or recipe for your skin.

Our goal is to provide healthy alternatives in a sea of misleading, confusing, harsh and mostly a Petro-chemical based cosmetic industry. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

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