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If you don’t get this right you may be causing serious damage to your skin.. Using a mild cleanser with lavender helps heal skin and prevents irritations. Your skin should never be aggravated with harsh cleansers as this will spell disaster for your complexion in the short and long term. Mild cleansers free of DEA , Sulfates and Parabens are the best. Lavender is mildly antibacterial and helps balance oil production on the skin. The first important step to beautiful skin is a balancing and a healing cleanser. The less the skin gets irritated the more it heals itself and keeps balanced. If the skin gets too irritated too often it loses balance and increases the appearance of  wrinkles and blemishes.Mild natural cleansers are one of the important keys to looking young and avoiding wrinkles in the long term. Bottom line …...your daily habits are very important!

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