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Do Essential Oils Work for the Corona Virus (Covid 19)

Let me make this clear,  there is no way to avoid getting this flu except isolation, social distancing, a vaccine or herd immunity.

What can we do to help before and upon having the flu?

It’s important to keep your lungs clean and strong at all times and keep your Immune system up. Eucalyptus has been used for centuries to breathe better and in folk medicine was used for centuries because it was believed to improve your immune system. Lavender oil is also known to help people breathe and relax. Both these oils have anti-bacterial and some minor anti-viral properties. The idea of using essential oils is to help you relax or breathe better  not prevent getting the flu.

Reducing stress for example can significantly affect your immune system. Many essential oils make you breathe deeper and help relax you. Some are also known to be  uplifting.

Breathing better and getting more oxygen to the lungs is key to be stronger and healthier.  What you breathe is important and even if you don’t smoke your lungs may be damaged because of pollution especially in major cities. Exercising in areas where the air is less polluted would be ideal.

Try using oils or a combination of oils and see how you feel and if you’re breathing better. Try them on your pillow for a week and see if you sleep better. I use Lavender oil and my niece uses Eucalyptus oil at night.

We don’t have a cure for the corona virus yet but relieving stress may help your immune system.

How to use essential oils:

1. If you don’t have a diffuser you can just boil water and put drops inside and let it evaporate through the house. Most oils are volatile,  anti-bacterial and mildly anti-viral so it helps clean the air.

2. When you take a shower you can sprinkledrops of  lavender or eucalyptus on the walls of the shower and with the hot water you will be able if you enjoy the scent, to inhale the oils.

3. You can use sprays and spray your linens, carpets, rooms, bathrooms etc.

4. Put drops on your pillow at night and see if it makes you feel better.

5. Essential oils can make you feel better psychologically by smelling them especially if you can’t go outside. It’s a primal response that most of us have to nature, like enjoying smelling a fresh rose.

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