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How does my friend stay slim? You’ll be surprised to hear her first rule! A must read for all woman!


My friend Elena gets stressed like everyone else maybe more so …she’s got 2 very active teenage boys who recently got their driver’s licence ! she has learned how to slow her life down when life seems to drive her stress levels way up.

She is a health coach and explains that it’s normal to get stressed at times but we should have routines that make us de-stress everyday. Stressing for long periods of time is the cause of so many illnesses and has been linked to even cancer.

She explains that overeating cannot be controlled by willpower alone. If we are stressed, our life gets out of control and our cortisol levels go up. This causes us to crave carbs or sugar all the time. As we are more relaxed we don’t get the cravings for sugar and our appetite is at a healthier more balanced level. It’s’ much easier to lose weight when you can relax and avoid stressful situations. It’s almost impossible to lose weight if we are constantly stressed out over our lives!

She also preaches that we need to teach our children how to handle stress at an early age. It makes everyone in the family more aware and help each other avoid stressful situations. You can get massages, do yoga or meditation. Have cell phone free diners. Read inspirational books. Play relaxing music in the house which will benefit everyone. Tell jokes and laugh a lot! Instead of going to a violent movie take your kids to a kid friendly comedy club. Take the family for hikes in nature it’s proven that everyone comes back happier. Exercise or sports give you a natural positive high! Put drops of lavender on your pillows and use essential oils around the house. The most important thing to remember is that your kids will copy your lifestyle so improve yours and everyone in the family benefits! Want your husband and kids to be happy and healthy ? You could and usually are their greatest role model!



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