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Dimethicone the subject of many posts on the web has been controversial for years. What is dimethicone? It’s a silicone oil! It is synthetic and man made. It is non biodegradable. It coats the skin but in no way does it feed the skin or nourish it. So why do so many cosmetic brands use it? Because it’s very cheap ? Yes it’s cheap but the real reason they put it in a cream is to fool you. It gives the cream a nice silky texture for one thing. The second reason it’s so popular is that it fills in the cracks and diminishes the look of fine lines immediately!! 

It also fools you into thinking you are being hydrated all day long! It just traps in everything and forms a barrier .

I do not and never recommended creams with this ingredient for the following reasons:

  1. It forms a kind of plastic barrier on your skin and traps everything in it . This in turn can cause breakouts. Remember it’s non biodegradable and you’re putting it on your skin!
  2. Anytime you coat your skin, you prevent it from regulating itself. The best thing to do if you have dry skin is to apply a natural cream more often and actually put less cream on so your skin can naturally balance itself.  Coating dry skin can actually cause it to be much dryer in the long run.
  3. It does not nourish the skin in any way or help it re-balance itself. There are great natural oils such as Jojoba and Rosehip etc that actually feed the skin and help it rejuvenate in a natural way for a long term solution to skin care. It has also been reported that it interferes with cell renewal.
  4. Since it coats the skin it blocks other good ingredients from penetrating the skin.
  5. Since it’s a type of Silicone it’s also difficult to remove.
  6. Lastly , it has absolutely no skin benefits, so why use it at all? It ‘s a very short term benefit for long term problems.

Let’s just use common sense which is not so common anymore!  Does it make sense to use silicone on your face? The cosmetic industry is huge and many companies would like you to believe that this ingredient is safe because it’s cheap and it makes you look good instantly! The long term problems far outweigh the short term benefits!  Just like what you eat or don’t eat can make you healthier and look better , so can what you put on your skin everyday!

To avoid if found on  ingredient list:  Dimethicone, Methicone, Trimethicone, Cyclomethicon

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